Custom Cookie Art

All custom cookie sets include your choice of cookie flavor. Pricing includes individually sealing cookies in clear bags.
Upon request, cookies can be packaged as favors with bows for an additional $5.00 per dozen. 
Minimum order is one dozen. 

Tier 1 - $45.00 per dozen

Maximum 2 designs with 2 colors
May include simple metallic splatter or stripe

Tier 2 - $55.00 per dozen

3-5 designs. Up to 4 colors.
Detailed: may included some airbrushed patterns or hand-painted metallics
Example A: Three designs - one with gold details + one with hand-painted florals

Tier 2

Example B: Four designs with three colors. Some hand-painted patterns.

Tier 3 - $60.00 per dozen

5-7 designs. Up to 5 colors.
Highly detailed: may include lots of airbrushed patterns, hand-painted metallics, or watercolor
Requires tracing of detailed pictures or logos
Example A: Gold details on every design

Tier 3

Example B: Five colors + detailed images from party invitation.

Tier 4 - $65.00 per dozen

6+ colors, 7+ designs
Highly detailed: character-inspired sets with many colors OR detailed logo cookies. Requires hand-tracing of details on every cookie.

Mixed-Size Party Pack

Add simple, small 2" cookies to any custom order for $24.00 per dozen. Shapes available: hearts, stars, circles, hexagons, flowers, & other seasonal shapes.