Custom Cookie Art

All custom cookie sets include your choice of cookie flavor. Pricing includes individually sealing cookies in clear bags.

Minimum order is two dozen. 

Basic - $55.00 per dozen

One basic shape
Up to 3 colors simply iced

Standard- $65.00 per dozen

Maximum 2 designs with 3 colors
May include simple metallic splatter or stripe

Detailed - $75.00 per dozen

3-4 designs. Up to 4 colors.
Detailed: may included some airbrushed patterns or hand-painted metallics
Example A: Three designs - one with gold details + one with hand-painted florals


Example B: Four designs with three colors. Some hand-painted patterns.

Deluxe - $85.00 per dozen

5-7 designs. Up to 5 colors.
Highly detailed: may include lots of airbrushed patterns, hand-painted metallics, or watercolor
Requires tracing of detailed pictures or logos
Example A: Gold details on every design


Example B: Five colors + detailed images from party invitation.

Mixed-Size Party Pack

Add simple, small 2" cookies to any custom order for $24.00 per dozen. Shapes available: hearts, stars, circles, hexagons, flowers, & other seasonal shapes.