Our Story

Heirloom Recipes

The name of our bakery was inspired by Grandma Shirley, whose sugar cookie recipe is the foundation for all of our custom orders. 

I once spilled an entire jar of rainbow sprinkles all over Grandma Betty's kitchen floor! We were still finding them years later. Grandma was the perfect party planner and always found the cutest dessert recipes. I definitely got my list-maker gene from her!

All essential life skills were learned in Pre-K. When I'm not baking cookies, I work in research on early childhood education. 

Grandma Shirley made 15 dozen cookies each holiday to feed all of her kids and grandkids. I think Grandpa alone accounted for 3 of those dozens consumed.

Ready to Gift

Grandma Betty taught us that it's all in the details! Our baked treats are individually wrapped with specialty boxes and ribbon. Perfectly packaged to say thank you to a host or congrats to a friend.